Learn to Make Feedbacks

convexI am not an IT graduate but when I was a freshman in college, I really wanted to take up Computer Science back in 1998. IT was nowhere heard of during that time. So after all these years, learning about those things especially in programming that makes computers, the internet and each of those applications run is a mystery to me and I thought I am just not meant to be a Computer Scientist, that’s why. Today, for the very first time, I’ve heard about Visual Basic and Visual Studio. It took me a few reading minutes to understand the difference, but as someone who graduated from high school with much interest on computers and programming (we were taught a little of Turbo Basic and Turbo Pascal back in high school from 94-98 in Iloilo City, Philippines and was awed much at the wonder of Windows ’95 then), I thought this one is really big. It’s not about Microsoft, not even Microsoft Press nor the authors of all these free eBooks about Visual Studio and Visual Basic–it’s about GOD! God loves me so much that he knows I’d be very happy reading about programming books, because programming is like my stunted passion for a college degree which didn’t pursue because of course I was, and still am poor. I don’t really mean anything, but I believe Microsoft is doing a good job. I’m a bit bitter to say they are already spoon feeding the world with these programming information just so generations younger than I am would probably get interested in programming and somehow contribute to the still sluggish economy of the world. I know this surprises you that I’m writing this but I think, again, these are all the results of God’s desire for mankind not to slumber in total ignorance of what could still liberate our global situation from this pressing apathy towards economic revival. Don’t mistake me for someone or anything. I am only another Filipino who is, just like most Filipinos, financially challenged and of course have been suffering from so much economic stagnancy especially because I am not a graduate of a Mathematics course nor a Science course in college. And so I am not very much hopeful towards anything within the next few months about this eBook that I’ve just started reading a few minutes or an hour or so ago but I think that this (Start Here! Learn Microsoft Visual Basic 2012), and of course the referenced Start Here! Fundamentals of Microsoft.NET Programming are very indispensable content which now has ignited my unachieved “passion” towards computers and computer programming in high school: a totally wonderful experience for me today.

A feedback I wrote today on the feedback/survey page of Microsoft Press. For info on how to download Start Here! Learn Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 and Start Here! Fundamentals of Microsoft.NET Programming, kindly send me an email to rgardoce@outlook.com.


Understand the Advantage of English

nyc_rockefeller01By rgardoce

English has never been in-demand until recently when times have started requiring employees to “work in English.” What does this mean? Simply, English has become such a powerful necessity in workplaces around the world that it has become difficult otherwise to dismiss its importance.

The world must have already been “globalized.” In our country, many people would seem to be already adept to speaking in English when you visit places like malls, hotels and tourist spots. Even in ordinary public transport systems, people already normally use English fillers in conversation. Also, many countries have started having multinational investments into other countries requiring them to be knowledgeable of the global language. Many of these companies come from countries where English is the primary language. From America alone comes tons of companies outsourcing in Asia. If you are an employee working in one of these American companies, it would be very difficult for you to simply go by your day-to-day workplace activities with insufficient aptitude in English.

It is also not odd that some countries in Asia like Japan and Korea have companies favoring employees who have better English skills than others. Some companies in these two countries even give promotion to their employees on the merits of English communication skills. At the same time, they only send employees to their offices abroad if they manifest very good skills in English. Thus, many Japanese and Koreans now continually study English in their private time.

Another thing about the importance of English in the workplace is attributable to the dominance of internet use. Most companies rely on the internet for business processes like communication, marketing, sales, production and even recruitment. If these companies do not have enough labor talents with reliable English skills, these crucial processes would definitely pose a challenge to their business.

Keep on Going Green

green-gardens-on-busesBy rgardoce

With most of today’s concerns on the environment, global warming, natural disasters, unpredictable weather disturbances, pollution, garbage disposal, fuel efficiency and source, and many others keeping plague on the world over as a result of our lack of “environmental responsibility” in the past, topics on “going green” has been dramatically moving companies, people, organizations and other entities in many countries now to uphold this newfound sympathy towards nature and drive in improving our planet’s situation. Going green generally means trying to do our daily activities such that they limit and will eventually not produce hazards to the environment and nature to create a better natural global environment and at the same time sustain the already existent global economies and even provide improvement to the current technologies in terms of cost-efficiency and responsible productivity.

Concepts such as sustainable development, renewable or natural energy, environmental protection, waste management and recycling, health and sanitation among many others all follow suit after the concept of going green is put into the top of the priorities which need to be addressed to improve those very situations which threaten our healthy existence and our planet’s equilibrium. So apparently, it is out of the question that we are not affected by this very calling from Mother Nature and the increasing efforts not just of environmentalists but even of a growing number of public and private institutions and businesses around the world who have started to get concerned.

We can start from our very homes and work places. First, we can contribute by being aware of the many ways to save on electricity by turning off lights, appliances and cars whenever they are not in use which not only save on electricity but also minimize chemical emissions for example from CFC refrigerators and air-conditioning; this also applies to the another important resource – the running water. We can start saving on paper as well and thereby avoid too much waste and clutter in the office or at home by being “paperless”, which means using computer applications or chalk and blackboard to store information which we used to jot down on paper before. Another “paperless” tip would be to use soap and water in the toilet if possible – something not clearly westernized but may just provide savings on tissues. When it comes to our health, we can start consuming natural fresh produce instead of fast-foods which not only improve our health but cuts out our budget as well… and the list may keep on and on if all of us will just give a little more of environment-friendly thoughts to help every environment issue there is to battle.

What Internet can do to an Online Business

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By rgardoce Internet marketing has always been thought of as spending much on a lot of advertising photos, texts, banner ads, etc and with today’s new innovations on web designs and applications, you might think that it has just been all about spending more money. For this reason, this blog has been written to provide […]

Overview on Business-to-Consumer Marketing

By rgardoce

Although the financial situation involved in a Business-to-Consumer marketing is only second in size to the financial amount that the Business-to-Business market sector may use in commerce, B2C marketing promises the same amount of opportunity for growth and success. In fact, since B2Cs have come way before the B2B concept got into fruition, most of the olden ways that we know of doing business now have actually been structured from it. And with the humongous consumer market willing to tap the B2C method on a day-to-day basis, it certainly is not a pain somewhere to give it a little attention.

Impulse advertising

Consumer advertising that generates sales is expensive because of the wide options for advertising media, the variety of marketing activities that can be employed to reach the target group and the wide spectrum of consumer behavior. This puts budgeting one of the top factors in your business decision-making, yet it certainly shouldn’t stop your business campaign taking into consideration the population of market customers. So the next question is on how to effectively create impulse for every type of target customer spectrum – an up-to-date method that may just work well to make your company’s marketing appeal to the customer’s attention and their emotions – and motivate them to buy. Then, you can turn to branding or product identification. As a customer spectrum relates the quality of the product marketing campaign to the prestige associated in using the product, customers are persuaded even to pay high prices. Even more, if that prestige develops into the customers’ feelings of security and trust, the set of target consumers will not doubt about buying your product and become your loyal customers as they take your company for someone whom they can trust on product quality.

Loyalty by word-of-mouth

It is always true that the customers are the most reliable source of trustworthy word-of-mouth. So your next big step is to be careful when it comes to your customer service and the immediate customer experience as you wouldn’t usually have the surefire avenue for after-sales service mostly available only to B2B dealings. Put in mind how a superb customer service results into repeat customers. With repeat customers coming back to your store comes good customer feedback, testimony, word-of-mouth, customer loyalty, even another set of customers brought in by their highly-satisfied referrers and possibly, a strong network for social marketing.

The internet

And yes, who wouldn’t understand or even get awed at the concept of having business done through this modern-day network of computers when for the last few centuries, businessmen and mercantile systems had been taming commerce by employing good management of goods, shops, people, vehicles, money, raw materials, communication, the customers of course, maybe other tangibles, even time and space – but which all just seem to shrink into a mesh at the birth of your business website. So, getting to the point, your business has to have a website – one that should be able to help your business fit into one homepage every possible convenience that your customers might appreciate of your online presence from being able to get quick info on your promotions down to completing a purchase in a matter of minutes, being able to track these and communicate with your company regarding other matters. Unlike your shop which doesn’t readily and quickly answer upfront questions from customers or make your store salesperson show all the complete technical product information, your website should be a great help to satisfy mostly the customer experiences which minimize customer service concerns at your physical business location.

Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy

By rgardoce

Business-to-business is actually a new concept in marketing. At 15 years, it has just been regarded as totally different from consumer marketing. Although it is the consumers who are the actual end-users of B2B businesses, each B2B business has its own distinct demand for products in the process of producing consumer goods, whether one B2B company involved has a direct consumer under it or it has to pass on its product to the next chain in the process in order to reach the general public. Thus, it is apparent that B2B marketing is differentiated and so clearly defined for our own marketing purposes.

In a research paper by Matthew Harrison, Paul Hague and Nick Hague of B2B International, a quite detailed approach to the uniqueness of B2B Marketing has been discussed concentrating on purchasing decision, market segment behavior, and product and service quality involved along with opportunities for marketers in these areas.

Targeting the right purchase decision-maker

B2B companies have different needs unlike the consumer market. Most buying decisions are decided upon by a group of people from a specific division of a company which involve considering the concern of a group rather than that of the purchasing officer, for example. The marketer should be able to identify which group to target and how to communicate to this group to answer its needs for a successful marketing campaign.

B2B marketing trends and behavior

Being able to know the trends in the B2B market is a highly valuable information in identifying what the market needs and how to meet these needs. Based on the research, the B2B market is often rational which means that the products should always be in good quality, these are delivered on time and the prices are reasonable. It also said that the B2B market demography is relatively small compared to that of the consumer market although B2B market usually spends much more than how the consumer market spends which implies the need for the marketer to come up with great customer after sales service and value-added support. Unlike the consumer market which usually has up to 12 segments, the research gave only 4 segments on B2B market behavior – those who are concerned with price, quality and brand, service or partnership. The marketer’s job then is to carefully stratify the market through research into these segments – which is not an easy thing to do because intangible areas for customer support have to be identified – but certainly is good marketing if we have to determine the best strategy to penetrate the targeted segment. And instead of jumping into the bandwagon when it comes to trends in innovation, the research said that using research in the B2B market innovation trends will provide reliable results in determining which innovation will apply to the products as B2B markets rather thrive on customer service, product quality and long-term relationships.

Focus on product knowledge and service quality

Unlike B2C (Business-to-Consumer) companies where consumers are given product options that usually feed their fancy, the complexity of B2B products require highly technical and experienced sales people to provide after sales service, problem resolution and client management. Face-to-face interactions are important between the seller and the client in order to build a long-term relationship as most B2B companies rely on the trust of a loyal customer base which continually needs to order machine parts, consumables or office supplies. This means that B2B buyers are long-term buyers and since they buy repeatedly, it is crucial that extra care is given to each client. And even if the consumer market thrives with packaging and sub-branding, this strategy is less important with B2B marketing since B2B companies are mostly knowledgeable with brands and what retains good business is the selling company’s product expertise and drive in customer relationship-building.

Business Marketing Strategy that Works

By rgardoce

There is no better way to think of your business success than to think in a long-term goal. If businesses have to earn money, keep customers, continue providing good products and services, it is something that any entrepreneur always would like to worry about, or to better say it, strategize on. A marketing strategy is a plan that should keep the business going for a long time, even for generations if the market permits, if the products and services sell and people behind how the company works uphold that strategy or even improve in what hasn’t been quite working well in it.

Attraction of customers

Getting customers is harder than maintaining it, so I have read somewhere and would like to agree on. Therefore this concept actually makes the job of selling easier so long as we do it the right way. Doing the right way means everyone in the company knows the essence of being able to maintain the quality service for the customer amidst the existence of other not-so-quality aspects for example, a low product quality. Of course, as most new customers are often attracted to product quality, returning customers on the other hand are often better swayed not by cunning sales representatives but, as has often been repeated in customer service sales trainings, the good and exciting customer experience.

Strategy means continuing business

Talking about continuing the business is a long-term goal, which is what most successful businesses have always anticipated in the early days, or so for those aspiring start-up ones. Putting the future in mind requires setting plans or strategies which will support the business during the hard times. Contingency plans or Options B and C aren’t new concepts in businesses even before the age of Social Media Marketing. Sometimes, some businessmen choose to venture in other fields not exactly related to the original business they put up that apparently seems unreasonable but somehow in some way becomes a strategy in saving the original company, although this strategy doesn’t guarantee to work for all businessmen. Concepts such as marketing research, consumer research, product innovation, customer service, product quality just in the right amount of presence all contribute together to making a good form of strategy that works.