7 Business Contests to Join and Hope To Win from

By rgardoce

I am so pleased to provide some information about one of the good things which we can all take advantage of the internet – contests! These contests are hosted by Companies who are in pursuit of gaining more opportunity for better advertising and of course, perk up the customers’ trust which can incite these in eventually trying out the product, or for those who will be lucky to win, to maybe show some voluntary loyalty towards it. So, since those interested to join these contests are most probably interested in checking them out first, let’s roll out the contests list…

1. Papemelroti (Only in the Philippines this time)

This contest will allow you to win a free entrepreneur book to help doing business in the Philippines better, and if you live in the capital city of Manila, maybe win an additional free notebook (stationery). To join, click on the following link, scroll down a little and read “Join our Papemelroti’s Book & Notebook Contest and win an Entrepreneur Book and Papemelroti Notebook!“


2. BusinessAdviceForum

This post promises a total payout of $500 to the top 3 winners: $320 for the 1st placer and $90 each for the 2nd and 3rd placer. First posted by the administrator on September 8, 2009 at 3:44 pm, it says that the prizes will go to the members with the most referrals from that day until the forums reach 25, 000 posts. Check out this link for more detailed information.


Thank God I got this whole set of contests from Proofpositive.com in the following link. This link contains several photo contests and after reviewing each one, I am glad to expound a bit on those which I think will fit for numbers 3 – 7 to complete this blog.

3. Photoburst

The link says that “Photoburst is a Travel Photography daily contest “ and is open to everyone around the world at all age who is willing to upload “striking photos and/or bursts exhibiting what TRAVEL is all about.” The About section of this contest gives an update saying, “From May 2009 onward, each Photo of the Month winner will receive: a US$50 gift certificate to Kiva + an invitation to be Photoburst’s guest editor in the following month!”


4. QuantumLeapStrategies

This company’s online photo contest has a theme that recognizes, “The Beauty That Surrounds Us.” This contest also provides monthly prizes for the best photo submitted online “featuring photos of sunrises and sunsets, landscapes, urbanscapes, lakes and waterfalls and streams, flowers, and animals.” Effective 2006 according to the Prizes & Rules page, the winning photograph has been receiving $250 for prize plus a donation of $250 (in the Winner’s name) “to the Winner’s choice of a charity organization that focuses on helping the blind” to honor them being unable to see the beautiful images captured in the submissions to this contest.


5. FotoFanatic

The name of this website speaks about what you can do in it. The main page says that they have forums, critiques and other information for photographers and of course, ongoing photo contests. You can visit the Contest Rules page by clicking on the link at the bottom of the main website page to get to the details of the monthly contest. Although no information on the prize in dollars was quoted on the Contest Rules page of FotoFanatic other than paying out using Paypal, Proofpositive.com mentioned the current prizes to be “$50 for the first, $25 for the second and $10 for the third.”


6. SoaPhoto

This photo-voting site emphasizes that it wants both amateur and professional photographers alike to have the chance to show off their photography skills by posting their photos for editorial and peer review which may eventually qualify them to win fantastic prizes. The submitted photos are then given comments and voted upon by the other members. Prizes at stake monthly are 4 digital cameras.


7. MyLargescale

This photo contest requires large scale photographs of people, animals or other things particularly of a train. The chosen winner gets a $50 worth of US gift certificates to a large train shop or other great prizes. To submit your entry as a member, simply click on the link for the latest contest date period.



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