Basic Tips for Small Business Marketing

By rgardoce

Business owners would always like to stick to the basics, for some reasons. Maybe because the basics always provide the last springboard to enable the business to bounce back into vitality after some period of inactivity or simply to be able to save on expenses. Whatever the reason is, it always sounds great to have something to check out when your marketing strategies are starting to get a little staticky.

Let not budgeting distract your plans

With unstable speculations on what’s ahead due to the global recession, it’s wise to think twice about budgeting – although it doesn’t make sense to make it affect how marketing has to keep going. There are several nice and absolutely-free campaigns that can work out like a co-op advertising with your business partners, sending out your existing customers’ referrals and buying incentives, introducing yourself to the media or even writing letters to newspapers and editors of publications amongst many others.

Go public for publicity’s sake

Talking about exposure, there is no better way to expose your business than to join the public. You can participate in Chamber of Commerce meetings or other organizational meetings that can attract your “ideal” client. Gather business cards and after the meeting, you can choose to call these companies if they would need your services and if not, if they know someone who might do so and ask information if there is any. Attending public meetings can also put you or your business into the attention of those who might be potential clients so be sure to make useful comments when attending one. If you plan to conduct an open house which is one way to get vis-à-vis with your customers who are present, you can charge an entrance fee to avoid the connotation that attendees will have to experience a sales pitch.

Partnership can mean business

If your business has to use leaflets or brochures, it’s good to distribute these along with another business who also does the same for you, thereby increasing your customer pool. Find a friend, colleague or business associate whose business compliments yours. Doing joint promotions doesn’t just cut the budget half, but might as well mean free advertising – your graphic designer partner will use you product model on one of their pages, or your customers can get 50% discount when they bring in a coupon from a certain brochure from your partner.

Communication is a must

And of course, as important as it already is, communication can mean a lot for your small business. Starting with the handout that you send, always include the necessary information like your name, email address and website and contact information for your customers to get back to you including a 10-30 second catch phrase about how special your business is. Take advantage of the newsletter that you send to the existing customers for them to know more about using your product efficiently or new products that will be another help to them. Sending a second offer to your customers who just made a purchase along with your “Thank You” note wouldn’t be bad manners when you know they can take advantage of a private 20% discount offer within an expiration period aside from the fact that your next product might certainly help.


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