Big Business News Online (Part 2)

By rgardoce

2. Twitter changes terms of service to allow targeted ads

When Twitter modified its Terms of Service Thursday, September 10th, it has “opened the door for exploration” in the areas of privacy policy and advertising. This time, “the updated terms of service would allow Twitter and its associates to target ads based on Tweets, searches and other information provided by the users.”

This news is similar to Google’s move to allow auctioning for space ads on their client websites but this time, it’s Twitter who’s going to decide how to do it using the “tweets” or searches inputted by the users through the Twitter search bar and it all depends on what people tweet or search. Well, it’s maybe Twitter’s way of showing those companies who sell their Twitter Follower services Twitter can be profitable for those who work in it. One good thing about this is that ads usually speak of how much the client companies can pay for advertising and with Twitter using the tweets and search inputs to determine which ads to post, the reliability of the Twitter ads based on these data can come out trustworthy for the market. We don’t know whether they will also put another column for the top 10 searched brands or extend their list of the top 10 searches but those certainly help limit the already overflowing tweets.

Click on the link for the complete news.


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