Big Business News Online (Part 3)

By rgardoce

3. Google to remove commercially-available European books from its digital books’ settlement

As an appeasing response to the European Commission’s “seeking of precise detail” on the $125 Million US settlement with authors and publishers, Google’s new terms of settlement with European publishers “will remove all ‘marketable’ European books from it’s scanned catalogues and online registry of “orphaned and out-of-print works” till the authors desire the inclusion of these books.

This news does not disclose how much the European settlement is but this situation might have been good business for the European publishers and authors of the “out-of-print” books if the settlement didn’t have to remove the European books off the catalogues. Google is very popular for a search engine and if old books have to be sold online or using a faster media, this portal is certainly not the least to consider.

The actual news is following.


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