How to do Small Business Marketing Online

By rgardoce

The internet is a rich source of information so what reason would tell us that it’s not going to help in marketing but none. Exactly, because the internet is a community made up of people’s virtual presence from around the world which means there must be at least a number of ideas about marketing the internet can give us with all these information resources. I’m glad to share with you what I’ve read on from several sources.

First and foremost, marketing can never be easy without using content. Content Marketing is almost always interesting for the reader. It allows the reader to hold on to what he is reading and to continue reading to get more satisfaction from what he thinks the exact information he wants to know. Content Marketing doesn’t mean writing for the purpose of delivering a sales pitch. Writing and giving consideration to educate the readers or give them relevant information which will eventually lead them to need something, you product for example, is better than directly pushing your product for sale.

Nowadays, the presence of web blogging, social media websites and classified boards are resources which we can never take for granted. With the apparent flexibility and easy access to instant information, these resources can either make or break your marketing quality for you so putting responsibility to public posts, blogs or tweets is next in the list. We have to choose of course the social media where we want to post because we also do not want to post somewhere nobody reads it. From the articles that I reviewed, Twitter and Facebook can be good platforms for those who want marketing with the social twist. For those who want to post a little more seriously and to mean like business, Craiglist is on top of the list while if you want to focus in doing email which is quite more formal now than instant blogging, then may just be of help. There’s something a little more interesting actually with using the services from other websites to gain more exposure for your brand or product. Websites like,, and offer journalism services where you can write for them and they can actually provide you with options to have your brand, company or products exposed or some fee. Sounds great.

Of course, it wouldn’t sound good to be aiming to do well in marketing without a marketable plan. A marketing or business plan can help you focus into your marketing strategies and at the same time provide structure and a means to gauge your progress. One source also suggested writing an e-book which is certainly not very hard to do but if done with exuding sincerity, can become an invaluable marketing tool which will improve customers’ impression especially with a well-written and carefully proofread e-book. Writing e-books, according to the blog I’ve read actually optimizes search results for your product or brand name when using search engines like Google.

Lastly but not least is using discussion boards which actually provide more avenue for the target market to be able to voice out their comments on your brand or product and also for your company to be able to provide professional feedback to customers in real-time basis. Building rapport with customers by posting answers to their questions not only improves customer experience but can also provide marketing opportunity for your links for other people to stumble upon.


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