Overview on Business-to-Consumer Marketing

By rgardoce

Although the financial situation involved in a Business-to-Consumer marketing is only second in size to the financial amount that the Business-to-Business market sector may use in commerce, B2C marketing promises the same amount of opportunity for growth and success. In fact, since B2Cs have come way before the B2B concept got into fruition, most of the olden ways that we know of doing business now have actually been structured from it. And with the humongous consumer market willing to tap the B2C method on a day-to-day basis, it certainly is not a pain somewhere to give it a little attention.

Impulse advertising

Consumer advertising that generates sales is expensive because of the wide options for advertising media, the variety of marketing activities that can be employed to reach the target group and the wide spectrum of consumer behavior. This puts budgeting one of the top factors in your business decision-making, yet it certainly shouldn’t stop your business campaign taking into consideration the population of market customers. So the next question is on how to effectively create impulse for every type of target customer spectrum – an up-to-date method that may just work well to make your company’s marketing appeal to the customer’s attention and their emotions – and motivate them to buy. Then, you can turn to branding or product identification. As a customer spectrum relates the quality of the product marketing campaign to the prestige associated in using the product, customers are persuaded even to pay high prices. Even more, if that prestige develops into the customers’ feelings of security and trust, the set of target consumers will not doubt about buying your product and become your loyal customers as they take your company for someone whom they can trust on product quality.

Loyalty by word-of-mouth

It is always true that the customers are the most reliable source of trustworthy word-of-mouth. So your next big step is to be careful when it comes to your customer service and the immediate customer experience as you wouldn’t usually have the surefire avenue for after-sales service mostly available only to B2B dealings. Put in mind how a superb customer service results into repeat customers. With repeat customers coming back to your store comes good customer feedback, testimony, word-of-mouth, customer loyalty, even another set of customers brought in by their highly-satisfied referrers and possibly, a strong network for social marketing.

The internet

And yes, who wouldn’t understand or even get awed at the concept of having business done through this modern-day network of computers when for the last few centuries, businessmen and mercantile systems had been taming commerce by employing good management of goods, shops, people, vehicles, money, raw materials, communication, the customers of course, maybe other tangibles, even time and space – but which all just seem to shrink into a mesh at the birth of your business website. So, getting to the point, your business has to have a website – one that should be able to help your business fit into one homepage every possible convenience that your customers might appreciate of your online presence from being able to get quick info on your promotions down to completing a purchase in a matter of minutes, being able to track these and communicate with your company regarding other matters. Unlike your shop which doesn’t readily and quickly answer upfront questions from customers or make your store salesperson show all the complete technical product information, your website should be a great help to satisfy mostly the customer experiences which minimize customer service concerns at your physical business location.


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