Small Business Online Marketing Trends in Overview

By rgardoce

The online marketing arena has the trend to show as well just like how businessmen and entrepreneurs have to look out at how the other key determiners in commerce perform. And with the widespread popularity of e-commerce, it isn’t a possibility that much of the old-school marketing techniques have mostly been left out as mere theories in the pages of many business books prior to the advent of social media. Of course, this blog isn’t at all focused at social media alone as there are other ways that online businesses affect how we use the web in business.

Customer retention and loyalty

Most businesses nowadays rely on this most single and very important strategy in increasing their market share or sales, if not maintaining their clientele. With so much competition going on and the high cost of maintaining visibility in multiple channels, it is much wiser to maintain good communication and relationship with your existing customer base who sometimes buy for the sake of your good customer service alone. For all we know, the advent of high-tech word-of-mouth using social media portals which can send instantaneous information to various market spectrums is to become an e-commerce phenomenon where people would tend to buy based on their experience and will most likely influence other buyers.

Use technology that amazes the target

Although it might still be expensive to rely on the most popular ways to get the customers’ attention like getting the best keywords which can create big results in search engine marketing advertising, the internet is not without other tools which can provide additional search optimization for your business. Customer feedback platforms like UserVoice, GetSatisfaction and IdeaScale might just do the trick in improving your site popularity and at the same time provide your clients with a good channel like to express gratitude towards your product which can even mean more than just one happy customer. Additional tools include a number of social media sites and mobile or local search listings. This blog wouldn’t be helpful if text messaging sites like and are not mentioned to be one of the many tools which we can usurp of the internet.

Putting sincerity and push to personal marketing

Traditional marketing has always been characterized with so much over-budgeting and planning that at this point in time would mean doubling the effort required if we don’t hitch on to the current trends. Personal marketing may sound like you have to get yourself exposed a bit but it wouldn’t be that harmful when you keep the focus in just doing the business. Putting your first name on a tweet and your company name next wouldn’t necessarily pose a threat to your privacy but might even in fact create a better sense of transparency and a “down-to-earth” effort on your part to reach out personally to the customers. Other personal efforts would also come in the form of doing analysis to the survey results which you might have personally taken time to embed on your site from SurveyMonkey or QuestionPro. You can choose to use the information from the surveys to send emails to your target consumers as another personal effort at your company’s marketing. In addition, your sites might also look more “willing to help” with your slide show posts used at a presentation, video uploads of demonstrations or related informative blogs.

Using social responsibility or a little favor to appeal

And with the relevance of issues on companies “getting green”, your company might as well prosper in marketing along these colors. Emphasizing on your company’s drive to save on some things on one hand and do recycling on the other is one approach to gaining the sense of public customer approval. With a little sincerity, giving time to indeed check on things which your company has been extravagant at and curbing out the next expenses would do the talk. Participating in community programs or ecologically friendly practices would as well not only improve your company exposure but increase your social networking ties. On the other hand, providing a little favor for the client who is most likely to buy by giving a one-month free trial for example as part of your marketing is something that customers can always give a thought on and increase their trust in your company.


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