Top Reasons to Use Social Media in Marketing

By rgardoce

With the huge potential of social media in marketing using the internet, it is a no-nonsense effort to ponder upon how these new methods really can spur the agility of our businesses. Many reasons revolve around taking advantage of this new and seemingly more-good-offers-than-bad marketing media with the many success stories some of us heard buzzing around. So, I would like to share to you my own ideas to provide more analogy to what others might have put as opinion on the good reasons to take on social media marketing.

1. Social media increases your visibility as in advertising.

Undoubtedly, whether or not we think this visibility is subtler than the usual advertising on more established media like broadcasting and print, the personal way by which it allows for the message to reach the intended market is promising. Fact of the matter is that a tweet or a blog reaches its reader either because he stumbled upon it or he might have searched for it on purpose. So if a person follows your tweet or blog, that blog must somehow make a personal appeal to him just by his reading the article which could result to his actual trying of your product. And of course, not to mention this person following your other blogs or tweets later which can draw hundreds more benefits to your business including word-of-mouth, return customers, or even patrons.

2. You can take advantage of these media mostly for free.

Other than the internet connection you or your company is paying for, most blogging sites offer their services for free. To paraphrase my references below, the only resource where you need some degree of control is your time. If you can maximize your efficiency by being able to follow on a hundred more bloggers a day for example at, that would be really marvelous. But to think that you are reaching your spectrum of your market with a cost too small to be cranky about, then you are not spending at all.

3. Protecting your brand image becomes interactive and adjusting to your market or audience behavior doesn’t take the next quarter.

With blogging, every crucial write-up can be published in an instant. And it’s becoming better now that there’s micro-blogging for instance at Twitter. With a good blend of professional wit, it wouldn’t be hard to handle and settle issues from posted comments. These comments or feedback are a good source of information on how your market thinks, their preferences, how they speak, their hangouts and much more information you need to refine your marketing campaign and to better connect with more customers without having to spend on expensive research.


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