What Internet can do to an Online Business

net223featwebappsBy rgardoce

Internet marketing has always been thought of as spending much on a lot of advertising photos, texts, banner ads, etc and with today’s new innovations on web designs and applications, you might think that it has just been all about spending more money. For this reason, this blog has been written to provide you with the options to choose from in case your financial allocation is your top priority to cut down. The internet may be an expensive tool to use for marketing but with most of today’s companies having their own website for online visibility, even small businesses have considered starting out with websites for several reasons like to give a boost to their customer service, to have a legitimate business presence over the web or to allow employees to work outside the office among many others. And certainly, it is up to the business owner to weigh the benefits of having a website over the initial cash-out involved to start one and against the long-term benefits of maintaining a good online presence and the conveniences that come along both for the clients and the business.

Choosing your Web Marketing Strategy

Having a web hosting company build, maintain, support, provide innovations and even troubleshoot your website sounds like a complicated process although current trends would tell us that this is not the case anymore as more providers providing low price packages now abound.

Once you’re business is online, the next step is to be able start marketing. A good email marketing strategy will provide you with a marketing base and sure buyers. Giving “freebies” at your website when clients sign up by putting in their email addresses or username and password for example can increase your email market. Just be sure to be fairly reasonable with your push emails or newsletters so your recipients won’t take these for spam.

As most other online businesses today, your next concern is to increase web or even customer traffic to your site or be on the top ranking pages of search engine results. This is called SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. When someone types in a keyword or a search phrase in a search engine, you would want your business to be in the first page of the results. Today, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialists can be hired to put you on the top pages of the resulting search pages. It would be to your advantage as a business owner if your business is on the top of the results as customers seem to rely on the credibility of these rankings.

Another way to increase traffic to your site is to use keywords smartly. Keywords are recorded when you use these when searching the internet and they determine how topics are ranked. You can optimize your company’s chances of getting searched if your keywords are often used in searches so you can try using keywords that are relevant and helpful in improving your company’s ranking.

One way to improve the legitimacy of your business is to have it listed among online directories. Usually, online directories are where people search for suppliers so your presence there is highly important to getting legitimate customers as well. This legitimacy means search engines consider you into the search results trusting maybe on the source directories for reliability. As directories usually offer paid listings, you have all the freedom to choose from among services like Yahoo or YellowPages and many others or better yet, take advantage of free listings from sites like DMOZ or Craigslist – whichever you think will give the best service. Of course, having your business listed among several directories helps improve your rankings among search engines.

Speaking about paid advertising, PPC or Pay-Per-Click services are now available for businesses willing to have their banner, key words or catch phrases listed on the front pages of most search engines or other websites. It actually works by bidding which means if you pay just a little higher to the highest bidder, then your ads get the most exposure. You can try several services like Google AdWords, Yahoo Sponsored Search or Microsoft adCenter depending on your budget. Small businesses usually can choose to manage their own PPC accounts while large companies can hire a PPC management company. Just an FYI (For Your Information), Google Adwords can set a daily maximum number of “payment clicks” for your company if your budget really has to stay up to the limit.

If your business is really into selling or even buy-and-sell, your top choices should be selling portals or auction sites like E-Bay and Amazon. How it works here is “stiff competition” and there are standard fees required to buy and sell. It wouldn’t hurt your business though if you try as it would be a bigger risk if you pay smaller auction sites and you don’t get the results you should be getting selling at these big names. On the other hand, there are smaller sites as well, Etsy for example which usually offer specialized marketing for specific products or industry for specialized customers and your choice all depends on how you assess your marketing.


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