What is Paid Followers and Are They a Good Idea?

By rgardoce

These all started with Twitter – the free social-networking or micro-blogging site where people can send “tweets” (or small blogs) about themselves, follow-up on someone else’s blog by being a “follower” and also have some followers following up on their tweets. This is quite interesting if you really want to be updated with the tweets of those whom you like to connect with often or if you want to be able to send every tweet you think others may want to follow-up on you.

But now, the rage on getting the most “followers” has caused other companies to even come up trickier than what Twitter might have envisioned the followers doing. These companies, for example the Australian uSocial.net and get-more-twitter-followers.com offer anyone using Twitter to either get paid by being followers to another Twitter user or be able to instantly get hundreds of followers for a small fee. These Paid Follower Services claim to increase their clients’ visibility at Twitter and thereby direct web traffic to their clients for marketing purposes.

We may view this as an advantage to those companies whose business directly appeals to the mainstream Twitter users and their needs and also for the users who think of earning a few cents or dollars by being “followers” to other users. On the other hand, the real essence of the site which is to provide a social network for users who want to “tweet” each other is threatened into eventually becoming a front for less socially responsible tweeters who are technically-networked only for purposes of getting more “followers” taking advantage of the free social-networking service as a way to gain more personal money instead of really enjoying social connections.


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