Where to Market or Sell Online

By rgardoce

Web presence is highly important for businesses nowadays, but it has to be the right kind when it comes to making your business prosper using this technology. Your business may come out overspending on a search engine optimization plan for your small business or your name is simply too big to be left out of the top list among search engine results if you don’t have any inkling as to how to work out the best strategy.

Weigh credibility over specialization

It isn’t a surprise anymore that there have been big names in online business and these have tangible impacts to how you might decide on putting your business presence into view. Companies like e-Bay and Amazon have a lot to offer but selling in these platforms does not ask a little. Business here can run through stiff competition among fellow sellers who most often have to try beating each others’ prices. It is up to the sellers to consider whether they would want to compete in these bigger sites which certainly provide the credibility needed by any professional company if that is the top priority. If your company will have to get by with the standard fees to post your business in auction or selling sites, it wouldn’t be riskier to partner with these bigger names. In rare cases, sellers who go to sites like Etsy which caters handmade goods actually do well in this specialized portal, so it’s always good to try out other free sites as well for your small business if the big sites are just too competitive in the meantime.

Size and speed matters

When a normal business starts to grow, it also needs bigger space in the online community especially if it is the customers’ needs that require for faster, more reliable and secure transactions. Online selling services from e-Bay and Amazon at this point aren’t hard options to consider with their track record on “easier transactions” and “fewer customer service problems” due to buyer reliability.

What price means

When your business couldn’t find productivity in bigger sites because of the price competitions, there are smaller sites which can actually help you focus on your product’s “unique features” for the selling advantage. Craigslist is one listing site that can offer you additional visibility aside from your membership at smaller auctions or specialized selling sites. Online stores like Yahoo’s can help but may not necessarily provide the decent layout required for a high customer traffic selling portal. Just be sure to remember it always makes better sense to have a more professional website. If price really has to be the weightiest factor to consider, setting up your basic website that can show your company product and services will be much more helpful in directing buyers into your shop.

Go social

With that said, online social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can promise a different twist in your marketing. With social media marketing, your social networks will work to “to expand your customer base beyond your retail store.” The focus is to improve your customer service which will in turn spread around through word-of-mouth. A carefully brought out social marketing can mean an easy and enjoyable way of securing a loyal base of customers who will continue to buy your products or hire your services because of the social effort they see you put in.



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