Business Marketing Strategy that Works

By rgardoce

There is no better way to think of your business success than to think in a long-term goal. If businesses have to earn money, keep customers, continue providing good products and services, it is something that any entrepreneur always would like to worry about, or to better say it, strategize on. A marketing strategy is a plan that should keep the business going for a long time, even for generations if the market permits, if the products and services sell and people behind how the company works uphold that strategy or even improve in what hasn’t been quite working well in it.

Attraction of customers

Getting customers is harder than maintaining it, so I have read somewhere and would like to agree on. Therefore this concept actually makes the job of selling easier so long as we do it the right way. Doing the right way means everyone in the company knows the essence of being able to maintain the quality service for the customer amidst the existence of other not-so-quality aspects for example, a low product quality. Of course, as most new customers are often attracted to product quality, returning customers on the other hand are often better swayed not by cunning sales representatives but, as has often been repeated in customer service sales trainings, the good and exciting customer experience.

Strategy means continuing business

Talking about continuing the business is a long-term goal, which is what most successful businesses have always anticipated in the early days, or so for those aspiring start-up ones. Putting the future in mind requires setting plans or strategies which will support the business during the hard times. Contingency plans or Options B and C aren’t new concepts in businesses even before the age of Social Media Marketing. Sometimes, some businessmen choose to venture in other fields not exactly related to the original business they put up that apparently seems unreasonable but somehow in some way becomes a strategy in saving the original company, although this strategy doesn’t guarantee to work for all businessmen. Concepts such as marketing research, consumer research, product innovation, customer service, product quality just in the right amount of presence all contribute together to making a good form of strategy that works.


Small Business Online Marketing Trends in Overview

By rgardoce

The online marketing arena has the trend to show as well just like how businessmen and entrepreneurs have to look out at how the other key determiners in commerce perform. And with the widespread popularity of e-commerce, it isn’t a possibility that much of the old-school marketing techniques have mostly been left out as mere theories in the pages of many business books prior to the advent of social media. Of course, this blog isn’t at all focused at social media alone as there are other ways that online businesses affect how we use the web in business.

Customer retention and loyalty

Most businesses nowadays rely on this most single and very important strategy in increasing their market share or sales, if not maintaining their clientele. With so much competition going on and the high cost of maintaining visibility in multiple channels, it is much wiser to maintain good communication and relationship with your existing customer base who sometimes buy for the sake of your good customer service alone. For all we know, the advent of high-tech word-of-mouth using social media portals which can send instantaneous information to various market spectrums is to become an e-commerce phenomenon where people would tend to buy based on their experience and will most likely influence other buyers.

Use technology that amazes the target

Although it might still be expensive to rely on the most popular ways to get the customers’ attention like getting the best keywords which can create big results in search engine marketing advertising, the internet is not without other tools which can provide additional search optimization for your business. Customer feedback platforms like UserVoice, GetSatisfaction and IdeaScale might just do the trick in improving your site popularity and at the same time provide your clients with a good channel like to express gratitude towards your product which can even mean more than just one happy customer. Additional tools include a number of social media sites and mobile or local search listings. This blog wouldn’t be helpful if text messaging sites like and are not mentioned to be one of the many tools which we can usurp of the internet.

Putting sincerity and push to personal marketing

Traditional marketing has always been characterized with so much over-budgeting and planning that at this point in time would mean doubling the effort required if we don’t hitch on to the current trends. Personal marketing may sound like you have to get yourself exposed a bit but it wouldn’t be that harmful when you keep the focus in just doing the business. Putting your first name on a tweet and your company name next wouldn’t necessarily pose a threat to your privacy but might even in fact create a better sense of transparency and a “down-to-earth” effort on your part to reach out personally to the customers. Other personal efforts would also come in the form of doing analysis to the survey results which you might have personally taken time to embed on your site from SurveyMonkey or QuestionPro. You can choose to use the information from the surveys to send emails to your target consumers as another personal effort at your company’s marketing. In addition, your sites might also look more “willing to help” with your slide show posts used at a presentation, video uploads of demonstrations or related informative blogs.

Using social responsibility or a little favor to appeal

And with the relevance of issues on companies “getting green”, your company might as well prosper in marketing along these colors. Emphasizing on your company’s drive to save on some things on one hand and do recycling on the other is one approach to gaining the sense of public customer approval. With a little sincerity, giving time to indeed check on things which your company has been extravagant at and curbing out the next expenses would do the talk. Participating in community programs or ecologically friendly practices would as well not only improve your company exposure but increase your social networking ties. On the other hand, providing a little favor for the client who is most likely to buy by giving a one-month free trial for example as part of your marketing is something that customers can always give a thought on and increase their trust in your company.

Where to Market or Sell Online

By rgardoce

Web presence is highly important for businesses nowadays, but it has to be the right kind when it comes to making your business prosper using this technology. Your business may come out overspending on a search engine optimization plan for your small business or your name is simply too big to be left out of the top list among search engine results if you don’t have any inkling as to how to work out the best strategy.

Weigh credibility over specialization

It isn’t a surprise anymore that there have been big names in online business and these have tangible impacts to how you might decide on putting your business presence into view. Companies like e-Bay and Amazon have a lot to offer but selling in these platforms does not ask a little. Business here can run through stiff competition among fellow sellers who most often have to try beating each others’ prices. It is up to the sellers to consider whether they would want to compete in these bigger sites which certainly provide the credibility needed by any professional company if that is the top priority. If your company will have to get by with the standard fees to post your business in auction or selling sites, it wouldn’t be riskier to partner with these bigger names. In rare cases, sellers who go to sites like Etsy which caters handmade goods actually do well in this specialized portal, so it’s always good to try out other free sites as well for your small business if the big sites are just too competitive in the meantime.

Size and speed matters

When a normal business starts to grow, it also needs bigger space in the online community especially if it is the customers’ needs that require for faster, more reliable and secure transactions. Online selling services from e-Bay and Amazon at this point aren’t hard options to consider with their track record on “easier transactions” and “fewer customer service problems” due to buyer reliability.

What price means

When your business couldn’t find productivity in bigger sites because of the price competitions, there are smaller sites which can actually help you focus on your product’s “unique features” for the selling advantage. Craigslist is one listing site that can offer you additional visibility aside from your membership at smaller auctions or specialized selling sites. Online stores like Yahoo’s can help but may not necessarily provide the decent layout required for a high customer traffic selling portal. Just be sure to remember it always makes better sense to have a more professional website. If price really has to be the weightiest factor to consider, setting up your basic website that can show your company product and services will be much more helpful in directing buyers into your shop.

Go social

With that said, online social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can promise a different twist in your marketing. With social media marketing, your social networks will work to “to expand your customer base beyond your retail store.” The focus is to improve your customer service which will in turn spread around through word-of-mouth. A carefully brought out social marketing can mean an easy and enjoyable way of securing a loyal base of customers who will continue to buy your products or hire your services because of the social effort they see you put in.


Use the Advantage of the Internet as a Marketing Tool

By rgardoce

The internet is a potent tool in Marketing as it has the capacity to operate in high speeds and it almost spans the whole world. So what exactly is there to take advantage of is our big question. Most professional companies and even individuals today at least have a website where to show off it’s products and services, so the need for a good way to manage information is highly needed if we want our websites to stand out in the crowd. It wouldn’t be that easy though because there certainly is a lot of unhelpful information around, so let’s roll down the few which we can be mindful of in dealing with the internet.

Make automation work where needed

There are what we call “broadcast emails” which send batches of emails to clients about special offers or promotions but be sure to avoid sending these to totally new customers or customers who might have taken advantage of the offer already. This is where the human factor comes in. It would actually help if you take some time to change your “ezine” or auto-responder list to fit your current promotion or your target subscribers so as to avoid your emails being reported as spam.

Take advantage of search engine rankings wisely

It sure sounds great to be on top of the lists of search engines providing search results rankings because it more often means that your business is becoming a big hit and of course it is not becoming a smaller business. Certainly, with small businesses, maintaining a web presence may just mean well to have a workable website for clients to see and for your employees to access office email. It should be practical on your side to spend just enough for your web presence until such time your company may already need a bigger one.

Learn to avoid the stress of working online

This actually doesn’t mean that working using the internet is stressful. It is the amount of time and effort required to answer each email, chat and post from anonymous site visitors that can cause stress if not managed well. If what you have is a small business, it would be fairly feasible for your company to avoid the “big presence” not only because you want efficient budgeting but also your small business customers’ referrals are more likely to seek your services based on what they have actually heard from your customers which provide better reliability than most of us would consider information from the web.

Blast of when ready

Of course, if all things go smooth and ready for your business to take the next leap forward, the internet is the big resource awaiting. There are many online marketing solutions that you can take advantage to support your growing business such as email marketing, banners, cost per click and search engine marketing. All of these aim better traffic to your site, bigger marketing base and high rankings at search engines for the long run and even if these don’t usually require small investment, there’s always a way for you to talk it over with your marketing company for your money’s worth.

Basic Tips for Small Business Marketing

By rgardoce

Business owners would always like to stick to the basics, for some reasons. Maybe because the basics always provide the last springboard to enable the business to bounce back into vitality after some period of inactivity or simply to be able to save on expenses. Whatever the reason is, it always sounds great to have something to check out when your marketing strategies are starting to get a little staticky.

Let not budgeting distract your plans

With unstable speculations on what’s ahead due to the global recession, it’s wise to think twice about budgeting – although it doesn’t make sense to make it affect how marketing has to keep going. There are several nice and absolutely-free campaigns that can work out like a co-op advertising with your business partners, sending out your existing customers’ referrals and buying incentives, introducing yourself to the media or even writing letters to newspapers and editors of publications amongst many others.

Go public for publicity’s sake

Talking about exposure, there is no better way to expose your business than to join the public. You can participate in Chamber of Commerce meetings or other organizational meetings that can attract your “ideal” client. Gather business cards and after the meeting, you can choose to call these companies if they would need your services and if not, if they know someone who might do so and ask information if there is any. Attending public meetings can also put you or your business into the attention of those who might be potential clients so be sure to make useful comments when attending one. If you plan to conduct an open house which is one way to get vis-à-vis with your customers who are present, you can charge an entrance fee to avoid the connotation that attendees will have to experience a sales pitch.

Partnership can mean business

If your business has to use leaflets or brochures, it’s good to distribute these along with another business who also does the same for you, thereby increasing your customer pool. Find a friend, colleague or business associate whose business compliments yours. Doing joint promotions doesn’t just cut the budget half, but might as well mean free advertising – your graphic designer partner will use you product model on one of their pages, or your customers can get 50% discount when they bring in a coupon from a certain brochure from your partner.

Communication is a must

And of course, as important as it already is, communication can mean a lot for your small business. Starting with the handout that you send, always include the necessary information like your name, email address and website and contact information for your customers to get back to you including a 10-30 second catch phrase about how special your business is. Take advantage of the newsletter that you send to the existing customers for them to know more about using your product efficiently or new products that will be another help to them. Sending a second offer to your customers who just made a purchase along with your “Thank You” note wouldn’t be bad manners when you know they can take advantage of a private 20% discount offer within an expiration period aside from the fact that your next product might certainly help.

Small Business Marketing Tips during Recession

By rgardoce

During these trying times of economic recession, having some clear thoughts on how marketing could work for your small business isn’t something we could just shrug our shoulders at. Taking the best initiatives in maintaining business is crucial and can determine whether your business can stay afloat and get through this whole difficult period or expect what we do not want to happen. If we might ask any business owner on any practical way they think is the most important method to fight in this struggle, we may not be able to find any answer far from the concept of having a competitive and resilient strategy.

Starting with a strategy that can go a long way

So, yes – the big question is strategy and the next question is how. Strategy and doing it actually do not go separate ways so first, make it work using definite but highly-attainable goals. This is where you put your future plans for the company and how you view it mostly in the long term period in action, so as you can easily adjust the short term goals to apply. Getting a focus on your market spectrum is another something that’s often missed out by businesses who would always like to create a big market in an instant – which is something you wouldn’t want doing if you knew your market growth should be upwards rather than a few steps forward and some backwards. This does not happen like you would always need and only need aggressive sales people to sell because the clients are better clients if they can think like you would always be that company they want to return and shop at whether or not there are pushy sales people around. Customers tend to associate your marketing not with the quality of your product as most customers nowadays are not anymore naïve about where to shop. Rather, whether our target customers come from the top of the buying class or down to the most tight-budgeted, lasting impressions on customer experience and product utility have somehow gotten a grip on how customers decide what to continue buying or buy next.

Making “customer referrals” your competitive edge

What would come in next is what we usually say as “customer referrals” but which I should say is how we build our customer-relations strategy. Customers like to refer and they even refer to strangers who they think are not doing the right buying decision. Word of mouth creates big repercussions so we may always want these come in positive ways if we think we can still be creative enough to join the market. We know what to do with how to make sure our staff works in the way they deliver that competitive edge that you would want each customer to have trusting each relationship to be helpful in making it big in small business. Once built, a market base of loyal customers is like having a gold mine resource which never runs out of a steady supply of in this case, satisfied and happy buyers.

How to do Small Business Marketing Online

By rgardoce

The internet is a rich source of information so what reason would tell us that it’s not going to help in marketing but none. Exactly, because the internet is a community made up of people’s virtual presence from around the world which means there must be at least a number of ideas about marketing the internet can give us with all these information resources. I’m glad to share with you what I’ve read on from several sources.

First and foremost, marketing can never be easy without using content. Content Marketing is almost always interesting for the reader. It allows the reader to hold on to what he is reading and to continue reading to get more satisfaction from what he thinks the exact information he wants to know. Content Marketing doesn’t mean writing for the purpose of delivering a sales pitch. Writing and giving consideration to educate the readers or give them relevant information which will eventually lead them to need something, you product for example, is better than directly pushing your product for sale.

Nowadays, the presence of web blogging, social media websites and classified boards are resources which we can never take for granted. With the apparent flexibility and easy access to instant information, these resources can either make or break your marketing quality for you so putting responsibility to public posts, blogs or tweets is next in the list. We have to choose of course the social media where we want to post because we also do not want to post somewhere nobody reads it. From the articles that I reviewed, Twitter and Facebook can be good platforms for those who want marketing with the social twist. For those who want to post a little more seriously and to mean like business, Craiglist is on top of the list while if you want to focus in doing email which is quite more formal now than instant blogging, then may just be of help. There’s something a little more interesting actually with using the services from other websites to gain more exposure for your brand or product. Websites like,, and offer journalism services where you can write for them and they can actually provide you with options to have your brand, company or products exposed or some fee. Sounds great.

Of course, it wouldn’t sound good to be aiming to do well in marketing without a marketable plan. A marketing or business plan can help you focus into your marketing strategies and at the same time provide structure and a means to gauge your progress. One source also suggested writing an e-book which is certainly not very hard to do but if done with exuding sincerity, can become an invaluable marketing tool which will improve customers’ impression especially with a well-written and carefully proofread e-book. Writing e-books, according to the blog I’ve read actually optimizes search results for your product or brand name when using search engines like Google.

Lastly but not least is using discussion boards which actually provide more avenue for the target market to be able to voice out their comments on your brand or product and also for your company to be able to provide professional feedback to customers in real-time basis. Building rapport with customers by posting answers to their questions not only improves customer experience but can also provide marketing opportunity for your links for other people to stumble upon.