Learn to Make Feedbacks

convexI am not an IT graduate but when I was a freshman in college, I really wanted to take up Computer Science back in 1998. IT was nowhere heard of during that time. So after all these years, learning about those things especially in programming that makes computers, the internet and each of those applications run is a mystery to me and I thought I am just not meant to be a Computer Scientist, that’s why. Today, for the very first time, I’ve heard about Visual Basic and Visual Studio. It took me a few reading minutes to understand the difference, but as someone who graduated from high school with much interest on computers and programming (we were taught a little of Turbo Basic and Turbo Pascal back in high school from 94-98 in Iloilo City, Philippines and was awed much at the wonder of Windows ’95 then), I thought this one is really big. It’s not about Microsoft, not even Microsoft Press nor the authors of all these free eBooks about Visual Studio and Visual Basic–it’s about GOD! God loves me so much that he knows I’d be very happy reading about programming books, because programming is like my stunted passion for a college degree which didn’t pursue because of course I was, and still am poor. I don’t really mean anything, but I believe Microsoft is doing a good job. I’m a bit bitter to say they are already spoon feeding the world with these programming information just so generations younger than I am would probably get interested in programming and somehow contribute to the still sluggish economy of the world. I know this surprises you that I’m writing this but I think, again, these are all the results of God’s desire for mankind not to slumber in total ignorance of what could still liberate our global situation from this pressing apathy towards economic revival. Don’t mistake me for someone or anything. I am only another Filipino who is, just like most Filipinos, financially challenged and of course have been suffering from so much economic stagnancy especially because I am not a graduate of a Mathematics course nor a Science course in college. And so I am not very much hopeful towards anything within the next few months about this eBook that I’ve just started reading a few minutes or an hour or so ago but I think that this (Start Here! Learn Microsoft Visual Basic 2012), and of course the referenced Start Here! Fundamentals of Microsoft.NET Programming are very indispensable content which now has ignited my unachieved “passion” towards computers and computer programming in high school: a totally wonderful experience for me today.

A feedback I wrote today on the feedback/survey page of Microsoft Press. For info on how to download Start Here! Learn Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 and Start Here! Fundamentals of Microsoft.NET Programming, kindly send me an email to rgardoce@outlook.com.