Understand the Advantage of English

nyc_rockefeller01By rgardoce

English has never been in-demand until recently when times have started requiring employees to “work in English.” What does this mean? Simply, English has become such a powerful necessity in workplaces around the world that it has become difficult otherwise to dismiss its importance.

The world must have already been “globalized.” In our country, many people would seem to be already adept to speaking in English when you visit places like malls, hotels and tourist spots. Even in ordinary public transport systems, people already normally use English fillers in conversation. Also, many countries have started having multinational investments into other countries requiring them to be knowledgeable of the global language. Many of these companies come from countries where English is the primary language. From America alone comes tons of companies outsourcing in Asia. If you are an employee working in one of these American companies, it would be very difficult for you to simply go by your day-to-day workplace activities with insufficient aptitude in English.

It is also not odd that some countries in Asia like Japan and Korea have companies favoring employees who have better English skills than others. Some companies in these two countries even give promotion to their employees on the merits of English communication skills. At the same time, they only send employees to their offices abroad if they manifest very good skills in English. Thus, many Japanese and Koreans now continually study English in their private time.

Another thing about the importance of English in the workplace is attributable to the dominance of internet use. Most companies rely on the internet for business processes like communication, marketing, sales, production and even recruitment. If these companies do not have enough labor talents with reliable English skills, these crucial processes would definitely pose a challenge to their business.