Keep on Going Green

green-gardens-on-busesBy rgardoce

With most of today’s concerns on the environment, global warming, natural disasters, unpredictable weather disturbances, pollution, garbage disposal, fuel efficiency and source, and many others keeping plague on the world over as a result of our lack of “environmental responsibility” in the past, topics on “going green” has been dramatically moving companies, people, organizations and other entities in many countries now to uphold this newfound sympathy towards nature and drive in improving our planet’s situation. Going green generally means trying to do our daily activities such that they limit and will eventually not produce hazards to the environment and nature to create a better natural global environment and at the same time sustain the already existent global economies and even provide improvement to the current technologies in terms of cost-efficiency and responsible productivity.

Concepts such as sustainable development, renewable or natural energy, environmental protection, waste management and recycling, health and sanitation among many others all follow suit after the concept of going green is put into the top of the priorities which need to be addressed to improve those very situations which threaten our healthy existence and our planet’s equilibrium. So apparently, it is out of the question that we are not affected by this very calling from Mother Nature and the increasing efforts not just of environmentalists but even of a growing number of public and private institutions and businesses around the world who have started to get concerned.

We can start from our very homes and work places. First, we can contribute by being aware of the many ways to save on electricity by turning off lights, appliances and cars whenever they are not in use which not only save on electricity but also minimize chemical emissions for example from CFC refrigerators and air-conditioning; this also applies to the another important resource – the running water. We can start saving on paper as well and thereby avoid too much waste and clutter in the office or at home by being “paperless”, which means using computer applications or chalk and blackboard to store information which we used to jot down on paper before. Another “paperless” tip would be to use soap and water in the toilet if possible – something not clearly westernized but may just provide savings on tissues. When it comes to our health, we can start consuming natural fresh produce instead of fast-foods which not only improve our health but cuts out our budget as well… and the list may keep on and on if all of us will just give a little more of environment-friendly thoughts to help every environment issue there is to battle.