Big Business News Online (Part 1)

By rgardoce

Three business news caught my attention today because they are about the 2 big names among today’s big players in business. These names are the biggest among web-based companies – Twitter and Google. I work for a company that’s following online trends in strategies, marketing, and hot business tools needed for businesses. Let me give some bird’s eye view on each article for you to look at. I personally chose to put all these 3 news for today’s blog as they are very applicable to my own job and of course, very relevant to those who follow what’s making hit online. Then, you are free to click on the full-length articles if you want to read some more.

1. Google launches DoubleClick Ad Exchange for display ads

Tagged as “the Internet search biggie” by, Google is launching today an advertising exchange auction system for buyers and sellers to be able to buy and sell space for “display” ads.

This may seem a little like something we have to be watchful of this time not because it’s going to annoy us or it’s going to make all sorts of pop-ups on our screens and slow down our PCs – hopefully they can do better technology than that – but it’s something that can show us the span of Google’s capacity to “crawl the web.” I have seen from many websites samples of Google’s ads using one or a few keywords linking to a website and although I now realize that I need to look at the whole row of links to see if they are part of the content I was looking for, I had to really look. Sometimes, ads just seem to blend enough that they already appear like a normal part of the page. My suggestion for Google and Twitter would be to make their ads visible like normal ads do to avoid people accidentally clicking what they could have thought as the next page to view.

To read more on the news, you can click on the link.


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